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Okay, so my big project I keep alluding to, here's the battle plan.  I'll delete this once it starts rolling (Spoilers), but for you lucky few ;), have a look. 

1. Danger Zone - HR Rainbow Dash being absolutely insane in an advanced 5th gen fighter.  A whole lot better than Ken Loggins singing in his bedroom.

2. "Turn and Burn" - Shadowbolts under the direction of Luna assault a heavily armored airborne convoy (with armored dragons + galting guns and jets on the wings) to the HAWX 2 soundtrack.

3. "War Changes Everything" - With the bass from "Welcome to the Show" (redone by maybe Makkon :D ) thumping in the background, we see the devestation that has been wrought upon Equestria by The War (name coming soon).  The Equestria you knew was never the same after the Siege of Canterlot (Canterlot Wedding), but nothing compared to what would come 2 years later: the Harmonic Collapse and the Fall of the Sisters.

3.5 "Ignition" - Set to TobyMac's Ignition; Follow the birth of Ignition, a leading design-prototyping industry commissioned by Luna after the Siege of Canterlot to develop advanced tech to prevent another crisis as such.  (Includes alternate...dark ending)

4. Finally we'll begin to see SS's involvement in this universe and how briefly how she became trapped in it.

Model updates, posters, art, and maybe a few super shorts.  Plus The Horse Unleash in this universe is perfect.  Alex S's "Luna", "Mad World" and "Dream On" music trailer videos smattered in between the above listed should be enough to explain what happened: what Twilight saw in the Alicorn Lexicon: it was a lie.  Celestia couldn't let Equestria remember the real nightmare. 

Once we reach Phase 2, then we'll actually begin producing multiple shorts, episodes, and whatever else comes to mind.

Harmony Rift = MLP EQG + Military Adventure/Thriller + Joss Whedon + LOTS OF VEHICLES + 0.25(Mecha-fantasy genre) + 0.1(Attack on Titans) + 0.15 (TC's H.A.W.X. + Halo) + 0.125(Star Wars) + 0.05(Anime) ...  (you get the picture)

Yeah, Harmony Rift is gonna be awesome.
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